[GR] The Brimstone Key (Grey Griffins: The Clockwork Chronicles #1)

The Grey Griffins: The Immortals: The Brimstone Key TrilogyThe Grey Griffins: The Immortals: The Brimstone Key Trilogy by Derek Benz
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

hmmmm….. struggled so hard to finished this.

i knew that this series is second set of Grey Griffins story, but come on… all you guys need to make a proper introduction for the characters other than the name and explanation about who they are (at the first page). it’s 2 years from the last volume of the first set, and for people like me who have just start read from this series, it gave me headache.

The story itself, it’s for kids isn’t it? so it’ll be wiser if the choice of words/ vocabulary is simplified, i knew it’s steampunk mixed with technology/science which full of mechanical or technical terms in it. but this book is full of it, and hardly to understand for the first reader, like me. fortunately the half of this book towards the end is more understandable than the beginning.

the other thing is when it came to school as a based of the story i know it’s full of children and teachers or any other person who attend it, but with this a lot of character that pop up one after another, seriously?? feels like my brain gave me error message, especially when it’s only appear in one occasion than *poff* gone in an snap. not every book need more character to make it alive, sometimes as people said less is more.

buku pertama dari set kedua grey griffins yang benar benar membuat kepala pusing. Tanpa adanya pengenalan yang jelas dan terlalu banyaknya karakter yang muncul hampir secara bersamaan membuat ini buku ini sangat sulit untuk dicerna. apalagi karena bergenre steampunk dicampur dengan teknologi dan mahkluk berkekuatan ‘lebih’ seperti changeling atau peri, membuat kita harus menghapalkan sang karakter dengan apa yang mereka punyai.

meski buku ini adalah semacam sekuel dari seri sebelumnya, saya rasa tidak banyak orang yang sudah membaca seri sebelumnya, dan sepertinya penulis beranggapan bahwa pembaca seri ini sudah mengerti siapa dan apa yang mereka lakukan.

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